Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions by which a mooring may be allocated and used.

In summary: all moorings must be registered and approved by the Management Committee.  Any changes whether a change of vessel, vessel size or proposed registered owner must be communicated to the Management Committee using one of the Forms on the Forms page or by email.  These changes must be approved in writing by the Committee before the change is made.

Any annual charges must be paid in full by the due date.

The following extra terms were introduced and notified in 2012.  The mooring will revert back to TMOA if:

  • Without mooring number for 3 years
  • Mooring buoy missing for 2 years
  • Fee unpaid for 1 year
  • Mooring unoccupied or not offered for use 3 years
  • New moorings to revert to the Committee when vacated/given up
The committee may allow the transfer of a licence after a 5-year period

      The full Terms and Conditions are contained in the Handbook.