The Topsham Mooring Management Committee produce a handbook to advise members of:

The Constitution
Terms and Conditions
Minimum Mooring Specifications

Mooring information and guidance can be provided by the Moorings Working Group.  Contact them using the form on the Contacts page.

The Handbook was updated and reprinted during 2015.  Copies were sent to all registered mooring licence holders. 

Below is a link to the current Handbook, which you can download or read online

Waiting List       There is a waiting list to obtain a licence for a mooring.

If you wish to make your mooring available for the coming season, please advise the Secretary by email:  The mooring must be fit for purpose and comply with the standards as set out in the Mooring Specifications section

Surveys  –  The Moorings Working Group undertake surveys of the moorings each year when practicable.  Mooring owners will be notified if any works are required to their moorings.  This work must be carried out within the specified time.  Failure to do so could result in extra administration charges or complete loss of mooring.

The Moorings Working Group will also mark any moorings that have been lost.  Please request this before trying to undertake any moorings work, as needed.  Administration charges will be incurred, currently £35.00.

NOTE    A digital mapping project is in progress to record the positions and number of moorings.

Marking of Moorings  –  All moorings must be marked with their allocated 4-digit number.  This includes winter moorings as well as both buoys on fore and aft moorings.

Technical Specifications for Mooring Tackle  –  All vessels moored within the area administered by the Topsham Mooring Owners Association are moored entirely at the owners risk.
Specifications for mooring tackle are available within the handbook, or by reviewing the Specification page or by contacting the Moorings Working Group.

Annual General Meeting  –  This is held in March each year.
Please note that attendance at these meetings is only open to registered and paid up mooring owners.

Registration and Invoices  –  Data Forms for registering information are issued in February each year along with invoices, newsletter and AGM notice.  These should be returned with payment.  Any changes can be made on the contact form on the website, alternatively changes can be indicated to The Secretary by email: